Scottie Pippen Accused Of Assault On A Fan


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@HollywoodSupa June 25, 2013

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is being accused of assaulting an autograph seeker outside of a restaurant in Malibu. The incident occurred over the weekend after the 47 year old retiree had dinner with his family at Nobu.

Apparently the man became angry with Pippen after he failed to get his autograph. The argument led to an altercation which Pippen got the better of. JUST GIVE THE MAN A FREAKIN AUTOGRAPH SCOTTIE LOL, YOU’RE AN ICON!

Scottie-Pippen-and-family-at-Monsters-University-Premiere copy


Law enforcement sources had told The Times that they expected Pippen to be arrested and released, but Whitmore said detectives concluded after the interview that the case was “a more complex situation” and would require more investigation to determine whether Pippen or anybody else should be arrested.

A statement issued by the sheriff’s department earlier Monday said Pippen was wanted on suspicion…

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