Taylor Scores 138; Grinnell and Faith Baptist Exemplify Terrible Basketball

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Baseball and Things

ESPN’s SportsCenter opened this morning with Division Three basketball highlights as Grinnell College’s (Iowa) Jack Taylor score 138 points, propelling the team to a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible. The 138-point performance demolished the record set by Clarence “Bevo” Francis in 1954 of 113 points.

Many this morning find themselves stunned by Taylor’s performance. The Worldwide Leader in Sports continues to run segment after segment featuring the highlights and explaining how 138 points in 36 minutes is an exhausting athletic feat.

However, what ESPN and many others fail to realize is that Taylor’s record-breaking showing is the result of poor basketball, not of an outrageously talented collegiate guard.

The box score shows nothing more than a track meet, certainly not a basketball game.

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