The new landscape of the NBA’s Western Conference

PUC Campus Chronicle


Tony Parker’s buzzer-beater shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder

By Austin Ngaruiya

Before the 2012 season, every NBA expert and non-expert thought the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder were on a collision course for the Western Conference Finals.

Everything has changed.

The Lakers have fired head coach Mike Brown, after their first 1-4 start since 1979. Brown’s new Princeton Offense has made their superstars look less than super.

It has become so bad that Laker kingdom celebrated their first win over the winless Detroit Pistons like it was the 2004 Finals.

On the other end, their defense looked worse, and there was a clear lack of effort. This is ultimately what led to Brown’s demise, along with Kobe’s Death Stare.

Given the right head coach and time to gel, the Lakers will be just fine. However, they might not be the playoff steamroller we thought they…

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