The Lakers Put Their Faith in 07 Seconds or Less

Playing the Point

Asking for the moon and the stars during a negotiation may not be wise after all. This is a lesson which Phil Jackson recently learned as the Lakers looked the other way and chose Mike D’Antoni to be the team’s replacement for Mike Brown.

Reports indicated that Phil Jackson allegedly would have agreed to be the Lakers’ new head coach if the following conditions were met: (1) to have more control over player decisions, (2) to exercise more powers akin to a general manager, (3) to receive a higher salary, i.e., 10 – 15 million dollars annually, (4) to be given the option not to coach some road games, and (5) to have discretion in naming his eventual replacement. The stipulations, as reported, were too costly even for the storied Laker franchise.

Now, the Lakers have turned to Mike D’Antoni, the architect of the Phoenix Suns’ run and gun offense…

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