A good start for the Raptors and a bad turn for Lowry’s ankle

North of the 400

It’s not exactly great times in Toronto sports right now: the Jays season ended in disaster, with injuries, a manager who wanted to be in Boston and a player writing slurs on his face. The Argos are underwhelming and limping into the playoffs: they’re 9-9, with a negative point differential.  The Bills, that part-time resident of the Rogers Centre, are wasting away in a weak AFC East, even looking worse than the rudderless New York Jets.

And the Maple Leafs? They’re still locked out.

So the Raptors it is. The Raptors, which had a ton of hype coming into this season – Jonas is finally here! Bargnani is healthy! And DeMar just signed an extension! – are the biggest game in town. For the first time in a few years, they’re a must-watch even among non-hoops junkies. Their ratings reflect this: their season opener against Indiana was their highest…

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