Why Seattle doesn’t need an NBA team


Maybe it was the fact I lived in Seattle during the great basketball days of the 90’s, or maybe it’s simply a childhood fantasy in which I have outgrown my love for the NBA.  Regardless, I’m just not torn up about the fact that Seattle doesn’t have an NBA franchise.  I just don’t see the NBA challenging the “Big Four” in sports popularity anytime soon.   Any time a league has to put a rule in place to eliminate pre-game self promotional celebrations; that’s a bad thing.  We’ll just call that the LeBron rule and move on.  Let’s take a look at the NBA’s accomplishments recently.  Four lockouts since 1995.  A 27% decline in the opening night 2012 game compared to 2010.  (First game of the locked out 2011 season is excluded).  Some blame “power outages from Hurricane Sandy” but that sounds like a PR machine struggling for answers considering 660,000 people lost…

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