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Many people witnessed James Harden completely disappear in last year’s NBA Finals as the Heat won their first title as the Big 3. The Thunder, who had a Big 3 with Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant, were unable to pull off the “upset” partly due to Harden’s performance. He did not shoot well, he played poor defense, and he could not come through when they needed him. And with contract negotiations in the midst for both Harden and Serge Ibaka, it was almost certain that one would have to go. Ibaka got his multi-year deal, and in late October, Harden was sent to Houston. The rebuilding Rockets had a completely new starting lineup from last year, with Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons, Carlos Delfina, Patrick Patterson, and Harden. Very few expected for Harden to go off like he did. After scoring 37 in his first game with the Rockets, he…

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