NBA | Top Offensive & Defensive Leaders For The First Week of 2012-13 Season

Offensive Leaders

James Harden, 35.3 PPG

Kobe Bryant, 30.7 PPG

Carmelo Anthony, 30.0 PPG



Brandon Jennings, 13.0 APG

Chris Paul, 12.3 APG

Rajon Rondo, 12.0 APG


Field Goal %

Tyson Chandler, 1.000%

Josh McRoberts, 1.000%

Kevin Seraphin, 1.000%


Defensive Leaders

Kevin Durant, 15.5 RPG

Anderson Varejao, 15.0 RPG

Zach Randolph, 15.0 RPG



Spencer Hawes, 5 BPG

Roy Hibbert, 4 BPG

Marcin Gortat, 4 BPG



Kyle Lowry, 4 SPG

Brandon Jennings, 4 SPG

Mike Conley Jr, 4 SPG

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