Stephenson’s spin move twists up Parker!


Check out Pacers guard Lance Stephenson as he puts this nasty spin move on Spurs guard Tony Parker, sending him to the floor before driving to the lane for the pretty finish!


James Harden, good trade?


The Oklahoma City Thunder traded 6th man of the year James Harden to the Houston Rockets, after not being able to come up with an extension on his contract, unfortunately both sides could not find common ground so he was traded to Houston, instead of going to free agency. The trade broke up the young core of the Thunder team as well as splitting apart the big three of the Thunder (James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant).

But the Thunder did come out fairly in the trade as well, acquiring guards Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb whom both will fit in well with the tight knitted team. They also managed to pick up two first-round picks and a second-round pick. Cole Aldrich, Lazar Hayward and Daequan Cook were sent off to Houston.

Harden one of the main reasons the Thunder made the finals, averaged 16.3 points per game and…

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Micah Lancaster – Discovering Other Possibilties

Dream Chaser

I came across this video the other day whilst searching NBA plays on YouTube.  A quick brief about Micah Lancaster.  He is an awesome basketballer, probably good enough to play the NBA and to be one of its greats however many people put him down as being too short, too weak, too small.  What really gets to me is the fact that despite playing in the NBA being a goal and dream of many, for him coaching was far more rewarding.  He was able to discover other possibilities, and work equally as hard to attain his goal.  He constantly strives to become even better.  A quote which he says which really got me was “I’m not confused about my purpose, I’m not on this Earth to play at the highest level, I’m here to take you there”.  I admire how he has so much direction in his life.  So many…

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